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And although it will always be difficult to remove the clinic element from a scan completely, every effort was made to make the experience of a 4D scan feel exciting and relaxing.

definitely don think they distract from the importance of [routine] scans. Adidas Eqt Support Black

She said: personally feel that being able to see my baby more often than just the two standard (and sometimes very quick) NHS scans, helps to relive any anxiety about baby development, and reducing stress can only be a good thing.

She said: decided to have a scan because my bump was extra large.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

my opinion the ones from the NHS give me all the information and reassurance I need. Halfpenny, 38, of Norwich, has a son. She has never had a 4D scan.

Vanderpal, 28, of Gorleston, has a son and is expecting her second baby in November. She had a scan last month and in July 2013.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

gave me the reassurance that everything was going fine in my first pregnancy and gave us memories that will last forever.

to the scan too as for some people, such as grandparents, they might not have seen a scan before.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

´╗┐are we finding out too much about our unborn child

She said: didn want a 4D scan as we felt it would take away from that priceless moment when we first saw our babies after the hard work of labour. I wanted the first time I saw my baby to be in my arms not on a screen.

What do you think?Catherine Loveridge, 28, of North Walsham, Adidas Harden Pioneer 1

him for the first time after a long labour was the most exciting thing I ever could of imagined. Rix, 25, of Norwich, has a daugher called Poppy. She has never had a 4D scan.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

Dave Cheese, owner of the Norwich branch of Window to the Womb, on Timberhill, in the city centre, said a 4D scan was not about ignoring the medical aspect, but instead offering soon to be parents a once in a lifetime experience.

"It's a complete broad range of people who come in, from people finding out the gender to people just wanting to meet their baby earlier," he said. "Lots of other family members like to come Black Adidas High Tops Womens

able to share the 4D experience with my husband is the closest he will ever get to establishing a physical connection to the baby himself before they actually arrive. Hindmarsh, 28, of Norwich, has three children. She has never had a 4D scan.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

Research is still on going to find out if extra scans are a danger to unborn babies.

like the newest pram or the best designer clothing, I know that seems extreme but I just don feel it necessary. Nice but not needed. Walton, 21, of Norwich, has a daughter. She had a 4D scan in October 2013.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

has a two month old baby. She had a 4D scan in February.

Seeing the 4D image Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red of our baby for the first time was emotional, especially as we could see that they looked so much like their big brother Adam, but the real treasure for me was watching the DVD back with my friends and family.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

She said: there was no definitive reason to why I didn have the scan I don regret it, I don feel I missed out.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

Our 4D experienceIt was something my husband Ben was interested in doing far more than me but I always had that little voice in the back of my head saying wonder what is it like always been nervous before my routine NHS scans and this time was no exception, however the team were on hand to make me as relaxed as possible.

She said: didn even cross my mind to have one. For me personally a child is such a precious gift that advances in technology give too much away.

"I think a 4D scan is a way of enjoying your baby and seeing your little one before it's born, in a nice environment."

And it nice to know we will always have that memento to treasure.

Pharrell Nmd Human Race Red

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