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Her mother Linda said the family has a very low income and they had already been going to struggle to help their daughter move from Stoke on Trent to Epsom to pursue her dreams.

"Now we have had the devastating news that Lindsay is not able to claim housing benefits."

"There needs to be something done so everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams."

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A Dance And Drama Award (DADA) will give Miss Kearns a maintenance grant of around 4,500 per year but will not cover her living expenses. She had expected to receive about 70 a week in housing benefit.

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"I can't believe they've stopped it, it's awful! This could potentially stop students carrying on at Laines or even prevent them from starting.

She said: "This has been just another blow to us, the first was that the child benefit will cease, then we were informed that the very valuable family tax credits will end, both in September due to the fact that the course is for "higher education".

She said: "It Adidas Neo High Tops Gold

"People's hard work getting into the college has been taken away from them in an instant. It's not fair.

And a woman who emailed the Epsom Guardian, whose daughter has a scholarship for her third year which means she can keep studying, said: "I am a single parent and without the help from the housing benefit she would not have started her journey at Laine.

Laine Theatre Arts students are not eligible for student loans so relied on housing benefit in order to help fund their courses.

Miss Kearns took on the role of Christine Daa in The Phantom of the Opera at The Hammond performing arts school in Chester where her full time vocational studies were funded by an award scheme.

"I was getting all excited about going down there then this bombshell dropped on me that I may not be able to go. I'm stuck in a situation where I can't do anything."

education so Epsom and other councils must stop housing benefit to students on these courses.

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was then I realised this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to be in the West End as an idol for people to look up to."

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But last month a judge ruled that such courses were in fact higher Adidas Duramo Slide Slippers

Human Race Nmd Womens

Human Race Nmd Womens

Human Race Nmd Womens

"My family and I are now under a lot of stress and trying to come up with a plan as Laines is full time education meaning I only have the weekends to work. So any money I make will be minimal."

Lindsay Kearns, 16, and around 140 performing arts students living in Epsom discovered that they are no longer eligible for housing benefits yesterday.

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Katie McNally, who is also going into her first year at Laine Theatre Arts, said: "I really don't know how my family and I are going to be able to afford my living expenses.

Now Miss Kearns is faced with not being able to afford to start at Laine Theatre Arts in East Street, Epsom, this Human Race Nmd Womens September.

Mr Woodford said: "It's outrageous how they can suddenly be axed, with no warning, planning time or anything.

Human Race Nmd Womens

Human Race Nmd Womens

performer says her dreams are in tatters after housing benefit support axed From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Nick Woodford, who is going into his third year at Laine Theatre Arts, said he was saddened that many of his peers may not be able to continue their studies.

"I would like to point out to the judge that rules the Trinity Diploma is a higher education course to treat it then as such and allow these students a student grant the same as all university kids are entitled to."

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National diplomas for professional musical theatre and dance and foundation courses had been considered to be further education which meant students were entitled to housing benefit.

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