Harden 1 All Black

4. Mark McGee Exciting but flawed

Moxey looks worried in that Picture! Oh dear!

6. Talented but didn want to be at Wolves and it showed

Harden 1 All Black

Harden 1 All Black

7. Colin Lee Why?

5. Mick McCarthy In the words of McGee "He huffed and puffed"

Give MM Harden 1 All Black until the end of the season for two reasons:

3. Graham Turner Black Nmd Human Race

Harden 1 All Black

Harden 1 All Black

Harden 1 All Black

there money where there mouth is to put off these clubs. I would like to think they would not sell but MM has already said the money morgan put in is for running the BUSINESS and the sale of these players would play nicely into the Director pockets.

People had been wanting to see our home grown talent be used much more and they got it last season and much of it was a breath of fresh air and a joy to watch.

We have strikers in our squad that are capable of scoring BUT we need to create chances from the wings or bring in creative midfield players who can regularly give them ammuntion to fire with!

Harden 1 All Black

Harden 1 All Black

I had a think about it and came up with my own list of heroes and villains:

Kites has been getting watched all season. Everton like the look of Hennessey and Foley is apparantly a target as well. What happens if these club come in with 3 or 4 million bids for the first two and a couple of mill for foley. Will this board put Shop Adidas Energy Boost

As far as Wolves are concerned even if MM is allowed to bring in Rooney and all the Brazillian strikers it wouldnt make much difference!

2. It will bring everyone to the same conclusion about MM

Although a straight talking Yorkshireman, Mick has to realise that these sound bites will not sit well with the average Wolves fan. Perhaps he is just playing his cards close to his chest and has already identified some potential targets. He was excellent for Luton, scoring nearly a goal every other game, and could certainly do a job at Molineux, but I actually think that Jay Bothroyd already has some of the 'target man' skills in his locker. Jay held the ball up well and brought others into play on Saturday. Even with Craddock back, we still need to try and sign a decent centre half with a bit of pace, which is easier said than done. We had a lot of home grown talent in the team. Hennessey, Little, Jones, Gobern, Davies. That helped to create a good team spirit. He had Olofinjana as an experienced midfield man, so I do not agree that we were going nowhere when he arrived.

1. There will be more choice for a replacement in the summer.

We need to get out of the rutt we have made for ourselves, start playing with confidence and start making it attractice for our players to stay and to tempt some new ones in.

We all want new players to come in, but what happens if some of the premiership clubs come in for our players.

Harden 1 All Black

For me you need to look at the problem in a balanced way Human Race Nmd

2. Graham Taylor The one who have been given more time!

What annoys me is when MM was quizzed about his team selection on Saturday, in particular his forward rotation, he implied he was still searching for which partnership can put the ball in the net. Our forwards are good enough for this league, no question but the supply, Kites the exception, is absolutely shocking! Pele and Muller would struggle to notch with the service given from a slow forward in the guise of a left winger and two negative midfielders. We bring in Gibson, who looks to have vision, and stick him on the right wing. In short we haven reached the exciting heights of last season as IMO Mcindoe hasn been replaced and the balance of the side has disappeared. Why has Jarvis not been given a run? Eastwood should never be left out and told his is to come alive in and around the box and not have to worry about chasing back, we have enough work horses for that. Rant over!

and his short comings are there for all to see. I can not see a plan, as soon as one injury hit the team that was the end and we can argue until we are blue in the face about who should partner who but it doesn alter the fact that there isn a plan!

The last couple of games while being made worse because of defeat are no better or worse than the team has been playing all season.

Fantastic at lower league football but stayed too long

The defence needs some attention BUT if we dont create chances more often then we will have more pressure on our defence for most of each game

The best manager for years, you really are having a laugh!

Harden 1 All Black

1. Dave Jones The only one to succeed and gave us a day to remember, at times we were swinging from the rafters!

Harden 1 All Black

He added to the squad well with Mcindoe and Kightly, but not so well with the defence. I don really feel that Breen/Collins and Ward added much to what we already had. Also his strike force purchases have been awful!

´╗┐Areas of attention

Just thought I would pick up on the thread of Mick McCarthy being our best manager for years.

Harden 1 All Black

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