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"If it is him. I Adidas High Tops Adi Rise 2.0

Tallassee police are trying to identify a man's body that was found in some woods. A mother is afraid the body might be that Energy Boost Adidas Black

Black Hardens

Simmons lost another son 24 years ago. Police are now interviewing people in the community. They're also asking for anyone with information to please come forward.

Black Hardens

The body has also been decomposing for about a week the same length of time as the woman's son has been missing. She's been sitting on her porch, still hoping he will show up. But the discovery of this body has left her with a lot of questions that likely won't be answered until an autopsy is complete.

"Even though the clothes may match and everything, it's still hard to wait for the final answer," Said Simmons.

mean less witnesses.

of her missing son, who hasn't been seen in a week.

"It's scary. Keeps you Black Hardens from sleeping a couple of days," Said Douglas Hooks.

"Easy visibility from one house to the next is not one thing that we have in this case," Said Police Chief, Jimmy Rodgers.

Hooks is the one who told Simmons the clothes on the body and her son's clothes matched.

"We kept smelling it so on up until them days I got up and look up there and that's when I saw something brown looking under that tree," Said Faye Hooks.

Black Hardens

Police are still awaiting the results of the autopsy. That autopsy will determine whether foul play was involved and identify the victim.

would have lost two sons. two," Said Rodgers.

And although police say this is a close knit community, most of the houses are divided by woods, which could Adidas Duramo 5 Mens Running Shoes Price

Black Hardens

Black Hardens

Black Hardens

Black Hardens

Black Hardens

Police say the rain and warm weather make it even tougher to identify the decomposing body, and determine the cause of death. .

Black Hardens

She sent her nephew, Douglas Hooks, to find out what the smell was. And what he found was beyond shocking.

"But it looked like something had ate the face up, so I run to get my friend and we came back but right here is where we found the human body. laying in the bushes," Said Douglas Hooks.

Black Hardens

´╗┐As Mother Worries Victim Could Be Missing Son

Black Hardens

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