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Under the current systems the wages of police, firefighters and paramedics continue to consume ever more of the municipal budgets.

´╗┐Arbitration system needs to be fixed

Today there are low wage earners with children who sleep at homeless shelters in large cities across Canada. They are there as a result of political mistakes made many years ago in regard to improving accomodations Adidas Harden On Feet

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Adidas Originals High Tops Blue

In my opinion, they deserve to have the silver bar added to their medals identifying them as merchant mariners who actively completed 18 months of voluntary service.

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Adidas Originals High Tops Blue

In Ontario, NDP premier Bob Rae served notice on landlords that government officials were on the way to inspect their premises. Private homeowners who rented rooms in their homes or part of their house to tenants, took their rental accommodations off the market. Home builders abandoned plans to build private low income housing and opted to build upper scale accomodations. The result was a massive loss of affordable accomodation for low income earners. Unlike other politicians who absolved themselves of responsibility, former premier Bob Rae at least admitted that he made mistakes while in office.

Not only is the current system unfair to employees living in the major centers, it is unfair to the taxpayers of small town Ontario and elsewhere.

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Adidas Originals High Tops Blue

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Cornwall Mr. McGuinty and see what your arbitration process has done to the taxpayer of Cornwall. If you agree with Mr. McGuinty, (municipal employees exempted) then he is your man. Back during the 1970s, over Adidas Women's Energy Boost

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Adidas Originals High Tops Blue

Ask yourselves, should a police officer or firefighter in a city like Cornwall make the same salary as that of a similar officer in Toronto? Private industry doesn't think so and as a result offers higher wages in major centres to help offset the higher cost of living for employees.

in private, unsubsidized low income housing.

Here is something for the citizens of Cornwall to consider in the upcoming provincial election: PC leader Tim Hudak has vowed to reform the arbitration process.

Where does this guy get his information. Come to Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

These were very brave individuals who volunteered to ship necessities across the oceans which would allow allied troops to continue their war efforts during World War II. Their lives were constantly in danger, yet they carry on. To think that it took until 1992 to receive official veteran status is absolutely absurd. What an insult to these truly brave individuals.

80% of American homeless people were Vietnam veterans who had been traumatized by their experiences on the battlefield. The ranks of the homeless swelled after the 1980s, when do good politicians of almost all political stripes initiated action against landlord to improve living conditions for low income tenants.

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McGuinty has told the Association of Municipalities of Ontario that the arbitration system generally works well and does not need to be amended in favour of local Adidas Originals High Tops Blue governments. Really?

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