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There is something about standing on the terraces that is hard to explain to non football supporters. It partly about the rapport with fellow supporters, but also the feeling of greater involvement with the players on the pitch. The atmosphere is usually better in the areas where standing occurs.

All seater stadiums have been compulsory in the top two divisions since the Taylor Report following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, when 96 Liverpool fans died.

Standing is allowed in Leagues One and Two, but Championship grounds must be all seater at clubs in the second tier for at least three seasons.

The club has offered to conduct a trial of 'rail seats' at Villa Park, as a solution to safe standing at grounds.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Villa claim 96 97 per cent of fans want a return to standing.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Safe Standing debate

More than two thirds of the Football League's 72 clubs voted in favour of trials.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

see if it works."

Rail seats, which are commonly used in Germany's Bundesliga, have seats that flip upright attached to crash barriers, and include a safety barrier on every row, so can be used for either standing or sitting.

Football stadiums White Adidas High Tops Mens

should be capable of catering for all sets of supporters. Families, disabled, old, young, single or groups should have a choice of how and where they wish to sit or stand, to watch matches.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

City will install 3,700 more if full approval is given.

I a season ticket holder in the south bank at Molineux, and although it an all seater stadium, quite often most people stand throughout the game, particularly if it an exciting game. If, as was the case many times last season, the match is dull and boring, people just sit in their seats. So there is an emotional link with urge to stand during games.

Open poll.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

with the FSF in May 2011 and they hosted a demonstration of a model of rail seating.

Regulations currently prohibit rail seats in English football, so they will initially be used for rugby games at Ashton Gate. Wolves became the first English club to debate safe standing Adidas Duramo 6 Women's Running Shoes Black/Pink

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

Villa, Cardiff, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Swansea and Hull have officially backed the Football Supporters' Federation's safe standing campaign and Albion are among six more clubs who have an "open mind".

Much has happened since the publication of the Taylor report. New and redeveloped stadiums have better safe entrance and exits to cater for large crowds that attend the matches. Had the "rail seats" been available back in 1989, it may well have been included in the report as an option.

Their football operations manager Lee Preece said: "There are at least seven or eight clubs that have said they're also interested. We've identified areas for a small scale trial at Villa Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr Park so the rest of football could Adidas Duramo Tr

´╗┐Aston Villa make a stand to introduce rail seats into Premier League Express Star

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

A demonstration took place at Bristol City's Ashton Gate ground yesterday which showed what could be expected if the Football League is successful in lobbying the Government for a change in the legislation.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Tumblr

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