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Students then carried out experiments, collected data and documented the results. Then they reran the experiments for accuracy and prepared the presentation based on their findings.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

The team created solutions for that year's topic Food Factor Challenge using strawberries to back up Adidas Shoes High Tops

"They looked to strawberries for the answer."

"Their innovative response to the problem was to use some sort of filter pack with volcanic rock in it," Patterson said.

their research findings.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

Aweres took the Food Factor Challenge and ran with it. As things turned out, it was an Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon experience of a lifetime for everyone involved in getting to the finish line.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

The team stayed focussed on the task at hand while maintaining a grip on the stiff competition to win the Champions Award. Eleven teams from 10 other schools participated in the event, hosted at Sault College.

Hailey Biron, 11, said they respected other teams, while Shelbey Faubert, 13, said, "If others were missing parts, we would give them parts."

´╗┐Arm in Arm

The berries are grown year round in Mexico or California, while here the growing season is short. Produce must be trucked in during winter, risking the possibility of spoilage.

Teams worked on a three part plan that included building and programming a robot to carry out tasks on a theme based mat board within a predetermined period of time.

Food Factor Challenge was based on the concept of preserving food quality by preventing bacterial contamination, which ultimately leads to spoilage.

Teammate Jarett Seaman Waboose, also 13, agreed that staying late after school to work on the project was an important commitment even though he was also involved in other extracurricular activities.

"You have to give these kids a lot of credit," Poluk said.

"We are dedicated to working late," said Matthew Gregoire, 13.

"We had lots of speed, teamwork and people came together," said 12 Olivia Hiiemaa, 12

Spoilage would be avoided.

"Five Lego team members also play sports, but they kept positive and at a young age, they had a lot on their plates."

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

group that didn't choke under pressure," said Mike Poluk, one of two Aweres teachers who provided mentorship and guidance throughout the First Lego League challenge.

Poluk, who teaches Grades 4 to 6, and Brenda Gregoire, who teaches Grades 7 and Adidas Energy Boost 3 Yellow

"They needed to ask themselves, 'How would we solve this problem?' Then they need to research it, talk to people and get online to create a solution," Patterson said in a recent interview.

He described how airborne bacteria require moisture to grow. So if these volcanic rock filter packs could be placed with strawberries, moisture would be absorbed, eliminating the damp environment bacteria required in order to multiply.

"It's porous and would absorb moisture from the environment it's placed in."

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

First Lego League, an international competition based on the sciences, is designed to engage students aged 9 to 14 in research, programming and robotics. Through teamwork, writing, presentation skills, respect and fun, participating teams investigate and create a solution to a real world topic, which is different each year.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

"Then they have to solve a problem, this time, food's the problem the contamination and preservation of food," said Aweres principal Stephen Patterson.

8, are no strangers to the mentorship role. They speak very highly of their team.

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

There's no clock watching here.

The 10 member team, which included Grades 4 to 8 students, "are a cohesive Adidas High Tops Originals Mens Shoes Shine Purple

Adidas Nmd Human Race Maroon

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