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infrastructure round out the list.

"As we grow we may not have that same availability for us to use other facilities so we need to start planning for that too," Atchison said.

The tough part, Atchison said, is deciding which project get the go ahead this year, and which are left behind.

"There are 10 overpasses that are required in the city; we need to look at the repairs needed on the Broadway and University bridges and eventually the Sid Buckwold Bridge."

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled the 2014 Federal budget on Tuesday, he held off on the BCF announcement, saying they would make that public on April 1, 2014.

Warman, Martensville and the Rural Municipality of Corman Park also have something to look forward too. As part of the BCF, the government has set aside $1 billion for cities with a population under 100,000.

The BCF is part of a long term funding plan of $53 billion Adidas Duramo 7 Mens Running Shoes

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Mayor Don Atchison came in smiling to address reporters shortly after the Harper government announced $14.4 billion for the Building Canada Fund (BCF) in the 2014 budget.

The BCF is broken down into two components; national infrastructure and provincial territorial infrastructure. The national component is limited to projects that provide the greatest economic impact including highways and major roadways such as the perimeter highway (estimated at $1.5 billion) public transit, airports and disaster mitigating Adidas Duramo 5 Blue

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Along with the BCF announcement Atchison said he's pleased to hear the federal government has also opened the rules on how municipalities can use the Federal Gas Tax. It has been expanded to include project associated with local roads, culture, tourism and sport and recreation.

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Atchison said for Saskatoon this could mean anything from new hockey arenas to swimming pools. And as Saskatoon's demand for those facilities continue Adidas Women's Energy Boost Shoes

"I think they're all important, but again we need to look at the engineering that goes into this, for example if we don't fix the University Bridge, the Broadway Bridge or the Sid Buckwold Bridge and they were lost to use because we didn't repair them, I think people wouldn't be too happy about that either so we have to deal with priorities the administration puts before us," Atchison said.

which includes Gas Tax increases and more funding into P3 Canada over 10 years.

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"We don't have all the details but we have an understanding of what they're going to be," Atchison said Thursday. "(The criteria) aligns with a lot of projects we want to do in Saskatoon and we have a lot of Adidas Human Race White projects ready to go."

On the provincial stream eligible projects include highways and roads, drinking water and wastewater, education and brownfield development. Atchison said the city of Saskatoon can take advantage of either stream.

to grow, availability continues to shrink.

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Adidas Human Race White

´╗┐Atchison pleased with Building Canada Fund announcement

"April 1 came early," Atchison said.

The 2014 federal budget increased the gas tax to $2 billion and is handed out on a per capita basis.

"Overpasses are important, but if you talk to young families that have children in sports, they would tell you recreational facilities are at the top of the list. These decision are not easy to make, the good news is, there's funding available to make those decisions with."

Adidas Human Race White

Adidas Human Race White

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Adidas Human Race White

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