Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

"It's an unusual position," he said. "I think it does run the risk of upsetting her base."

There is a difference in endorsing Obama as a candidate which is a public suggestion that people should vote for him Adidas Eqt White Mountaineering

"I am a Democrat, and I will vote for President Obama, but I'm not willing to hand him, or any president, my vote in Congress," she said. "I will stand with the people of my district and cast votes that are best for them."

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

The position could be bad for her base, said Chris Cooper, a political scientist at Western Carolina University.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

ASHEVILLE Patsy Keever on Tuesday joined other North Carolina Democratic congressional candidates in deciding against endorsing President Barack Obama, though Keever did say she would vote for him.

Rogers last week said he would make no endorsements in the presidential race and had no plans to attend the convention. He said spending time campaigning in the district was more important than the convention.

said she would attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, if invited. Rep. Patrick McHenry.

´╗┐Asheville's Patsy Keever won't endorse Obama

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

and personally voting for him, though not much of one, Cooper said.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Keever's spokesman, Bruce Mulkey, said the statement was the only one she would make on Tuesday.

"The fact that she is not giving some full Adidas Human Race Nmd White throated endorsement of the president is a recognition, on her part, of the demographics of the district," he said.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Keever's stance on Obama is interesting given her reputation as a progressive, said Jonathan Kappler, research director for the Raleigh based nonpartisan North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation. He said it's a sign of the uphill battle she faces.

The Citizen Times asked Keever whether she would endorse Obama and attend the DNC. It did not ask whether she would back his policies. The newspaper also did not ask whether she would vote for the president, though her response touched on those issues.

He has endorsed Mitt Romney and said he's not Cheap Adidas High Tops Retro Synthetic

She was the only congressional candidate in Western North Carolina who did not answer the question about a presidential endorsement with a clear yes or no.

Keever, in a written statement, said Obama would run his campaign and she would run hers.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

sure whether he will attend the Republican National Convention in Florida.

Their districts are some of the most conservative in the state with more John McCain voters in 2008 than anywhere else.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Keever joins three other Tar Heel Democrats, including Hayden Rogers in the neighboring 11th District, in not endorsing Obama and potentially not attending the DNC.

Keever Adidas Duramo Sneakers

Keever surprised some people when she won the primary with 58 percent over the more conservative Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy. Liberal leaning voters in the city gave her the win.

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

Adidas Human Race Nmd White

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