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Commissioner Joe Ford said he's all for the county walking away from the coliseum and the Liberty Bowl. But he added it's "premature" to include The Pyramid because of the ongoing talks.

reappraisal in which the value of property that produces most of that tax revenue is expected to drop significantly.

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Time to buckle down

"I ain't feeling good about it," Ford said. "Something ain't right."

Chism favors letting the Herenton administration, which Adidas High Tops With Strap has taken the lead in negotiations, see what it can work out with Bass Pro Shops.

"It's our opinion that the population of Shelby County would be better served if we, as a minority partner, backed out and got out of the way, enabling the city to deal with what should be a city issue," County Chief Administrative Officer Jim Huntzicker said. "We Adidas Womens Energy Boost 2 Esm

Commissioner Mike Carpenter urged the group to "honor the process" of being involved in proposals for The Pyramid. He also expressed a fear that the public might take the walk away proposal as a sign that the process of judging the plans is rigged in favor of Bass Pro Shops, the proposal favored so far by the Herenton administration.

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Commissioners and City Council members got together last month for a rare joint meeting that ended with a consensus they would form a working group to negotiate with Bass Pro and Ericson and then move to pick one or pick none. It was to include financial and commercial real estate experts as well.

"It is something we should strongly consider because now is the time for us as a legislative body to truly start focusing on those things that we are truly responsible for," said Malone, who is chair of the commission's budget committee.

Mulroy said public reaction to the competing plans for The Pyramid has been significant and in favor of the Ericson proposal.

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POLITICS AS USUAL: "There haven't been any realistic proposals to come out of the city, who took the lead on this deal," Shelby County Board of Commissioners member Wyatt Bunker said this week. Photo Shelby County Board of Commissioners member Sidney Chism had been talking for months about the county washing its hands of its minority ownership share in The Pyramid. It Adidas High Tops Black Amazon

was his way of expressing his frustration with what he sees as the micromanagement by some on the commission of talks to find a use for the vacant arena.

Commissioner Deidre Malone supports the proposal as the county braces for a tough budget season complicated by no growth in tax revenues and a tax Adidas Nmd Human Race Family And Friends Edition

Commissioner Wyatt Bunker bristled at Huntzicker's assertion that the City Council and County Commission have not been able to "get together" on a use for The Pyramid.

As head of the nonprofit group Save Libertyland, Mulroy recently turned over the group's disputed ownership of the Zippin Pippin rollercoaster at the Mid South Fairgrounds to the Ericson Group. That's prompted Chism to charge that Mulroy had "an agenda." Chism also dismissed what Mulroy said has been a flood of legitimate public reaction as "orchestrated."

Chism's resolution, which is scheduled for more discussion by commissioners at March 26 committee sessions but no vote yet, is one of two new twists in the ongoing and ever surprising Pyramid discussion.

Before he told commissioners that the county administration backs the "walk away" proposal, Huntzicker said officials at City Hall had squelched the idea of the two legislative bodies forming a working group to carry on negotiations.

"The city administration advised us that the committee that had been proposed. was something they weren't interested in," Huntzicker added. "So, the kumbaya attitude that came out of that was short lived."Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton and Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton Jr. haven't ruled out appointing a similar working group between themselves, also including financial and commercial real estate consultants, Huntzicker said.

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"I'm not for giving up real estate," said Commissioner James Harvey, who nevertheless admitted to being undecided pending some specific terms for the walk away.

´╗┐Arena Talks Appear Fraught With Motives

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are in essence in the position of a minority owner in a pro sports franchise, which gives us the ability to say we own part of this wonderful thing and beyond that our only involvement is paying bills. We get no benefit back as a government."

Chism termed The Pyramid "a pit of no return." Mulroy called it a "wonderful asset."

Chism's idea picked up momentum Wednesday when the Wharton administration endorsed it.

Commissioners are almost evenly split, judging by comments from a majority of the body's 13 members who commented during the initial discussion this week.

"It has nothing to do with the citizens of this city," Chism said.

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Chism's proposal would sell the county's interest in all three facilities to the city of Memphis for $4.3 million. The amount represents the county's share of the debt left to pay on The Pyramid.

"Well, they haven't been able to get together because there haven't been any realistic proposals to come out of the city, who took the lead on this deal," Bunker said. "I don't want us to get in here and pull a David Copperfield and say our meeting the other day was some big illusion. It wasn't."

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