Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

It shows Disney's president and CEO Bob Iger next to George Lucas himself who is holding pen, ready to sign on the dotted line.

Another man said it wasn't so much surprising as it was disappointing because he agreed Disney would likely "butcher" another Star Wars film as Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery much as the producers butchered the prequels. He added that he has seen friends put out tweets calling to kill Disney before they ruin Star Wars.

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

It only took a quick walk downtown to Comic Readers in Regina to find out how they are feeling.

"I'm happy I was a little concerned when Disney bought the Muppets but they did good things with them so I can only expect the same about Star Wars," he Green Nmd Human Race

Despite the chilly reaction from 'die hard' original Star Wars fans, one admits this will help make sure future generations will be strong with the force.

"From a fan perspective, Star Wars died for me when Phantom Menace came out, so I'm not overly excited to see more of that ilk," he commented.

great job of making his franchise live and find new generations and that's exactly what Phantom Menace did and what Clone Wars did, and that's what's gonna continue to happen," he said. "My kids will never know the Star Wars that I grew up with but they know a new Star Wars so this just means a new legacy for Star Wars and new Star Wars fans."

It would seem George Lucas is pleased with the deal and $4 billion in his pocket but what about the fans!?

"I'll say one thing positive Lucas has done a Adidas High Tops For Kids

"I like Disney but not for Star Wars, no I just think they should leave it where it is," a woman said.


Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Some people tried to see a slightly more positive side in the merger.

"I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of Adidas High Tops White Mens

Well it might not be as dramatic as Obi Wan Kenobi's famous line in the original Star Wars film, but the news is hitting some fans pretty hard.

The news of the deal was posted on the Walt Disney company website along with a picture.

"It depends what studio of Disney it comes out of I guess, like Pixar would be awesome," one man said.

Another commented that he can see the appeal because Star Wars is a great story for kids, but he is unsure about the direction Disney could possibly take the series.

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

He could only imagine what Disney could do to the series.

One of the owners of Comic Readers, Chad Boudreau, wasn't too thrilled especially with the news about a seventh film.

Talking to people shopping in the store it became pretty clear how the fans felt with an overwhelmingly negative response.

"Maybe we'll see a resurgence of Ewok action," Boudreau commented. "Disney some fluffy talking characters."

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

In the whole store there was only one person who seemed to like the deal.

voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feel something terrible has happened."

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

"It sounds like George Lucas wants to make a little bit more money is what it sounds like to me, as far as I'm concerned they've already killed the Star Wars series you can thank Anakin for doing that," one man commented.

´╗┐as Disney buys LucasFilm

Adidas High Tops Next Day Delivery

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