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There is not a time frame for when a case is considered cold, Splain said.

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Police officials recognized a need to devote detectives to chase cold cases. But if a major case like a homicide takes place, Taylor and Cobourn would investigate it with the rest of the detectives, said Capt. Tim Splain, Nmd Human Race Yellow

"There's no answer to that. For me, I kind of settled upon the fact that she really was never meant to live beyond 20 years," said Lundgren of her daughter, Amber.

Jones told police before he died he didn't know the three men who attacked him or why he had been attacked. He was attacked in an area frequented by the homeless.

Savage attacksThe most recent cold case is the beating death of Michael Jones, 36, a homeless man who died from injuries he suffered during a July 9, 2007, attack. Police said the attack took place in the area around South French Broad and Hilliard avenues and Grove Street.

Other times, however, time can be a burden as people Adidas High Top Trainers Sale involved in a case die or move and can't be easily found, Cobourn said.

A blessing and a burdenIn some instances, Taylor believes time sometimes can be a blessing in criminal investigations.

Before the formation of the cold case unit, one of the challenges detectives faced was keeping track of all the information gathered in the course of an investigation, Splain said. Some cases contain as many as 20 binders of information, and for one person to pore over all that information can be overwhelming.

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Amber Lundgren's body was found the morning of June 7, 1997, in a ditch on Azalea Road. She died of a single stab wound to the neck, and her killer has not been found. The case is one of 23 unsolved Asheville homicides dating back to 1969 still under investigation by the Asheville Police Department's Cold Case Unit.

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One of three attackers hit him with a pipe, and another told him they weren't going home empty handed, police said. Jones died from his injuries at Mission Adidas James Harden Price

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"When I get in a pickle with my debts, I think, 'If Paul was here I wouldn't have a problem,'" said Brookens, 77, of Swannanoa.

"I think an advantage for us is we really have time on our side, because over the years, people change, relationships change," he said. "Somebody did something 20 years ago, 30 years ago, when they were young and stupid, and now they've matured and realized what they did and might be willing talk to you."

Hettie Brookens said she's hopeful that her husband's killer will be brought to justice and hopes publicity about the case will send a message to those responsible for the crime.

Hospital a week after the attack.

"That way, whoever did do it knows that they're not home free," Brookens said. "I would want them to think this is not forgotten, and they're going to get caught yet."

´╗┐Asheville Police Department Cold Case Unit seeks closure

who oversees the APD Criminal Investigations Division.

"I know the Asheville Police Department can't investigate leads it doesn't have, so we understand," said Michael Jones' brother, Greg Jones, of Bryson City. "But we would like to see someone answer to this. That would be closure for the family, to see someone get tried for this."

Her husband, 64, was robbed and beaten to death inside the Ale Haus, a business he owned at Swannanoa River and Governors View roads.

The Asheville Police Department's Cold Case Unit is seeking information on the whereabouts of a possible witness in a 40 year old homicide investigation. Detectives would like to speak with a woman who was known by the name Joann Roland in the early 1970s, and who may have information in the 1969 homicide of Jake Burrell in downtown Asheville. Police interviewed her, but there is no longer a record of what she told them. Roland was 23 years old with dark hair at the time of the homicide, and was known to live on Haywood Road. She would now be about 63 years old, and could have a different last name. If you have any information about where Roland may be located, or any information on the 22 other unsolved homicides APD is investigating, please call the Criminal Investigations Division hotline at 259 5439.

A neighboring business owner saw Brookens at the Ale Haus about 9:30 the morning his body was found. and saw Brookens' gray 1982 Cadillac parked outside. He found the tavern doors locked.

Brookens had retired as a painting contractor and operated the bar to occupy his time.

APD detectives Kevin Taylor and Yvonne Cobourn work full time trying to crack the city's cold cases. Since the cold case unit's formation last July, one man has been arrested and charged with killing his girlfriend nearly 20 years ago.

Hettie Brookens vividly remembers July 15, 1991, the day her husband of nearly 40 years, Paul Brookens, was beaten to death with a tire iron. Time has not diminished the memory of the crime or her husband, whom she thinks about every day.

"It's just when we stop getting active Nmd Human Race Black For Sale

"One, it's interesting," Splain said of tracking cold cases. "Two, there are still a lot of folks who are alive, and probably a lot of things that can still be investigated and researched," Splain said. "And there have been a lot of changes in technology that would allow us to forensically re examine these cases, so it seemed like a good time and it made sense to make that transition."

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"Once upon a time, most people stayed within 50 miles of where they were born," Cobourn said. "That's not so now. Now when we're looking for people, we have to expand our scope outside Buncombe County or North Carolina. The Swannanoa man is charged with killing his girlfriend in 1990 at the Deaverview Apartments residence they shared.

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"It's kind of like the last part of the whole story that's missing, and I think a big part of accepting what's happened is to find out who did it and there's some reconciliation that I'll probably have to do, and it's probably something I need to do to lay this thing completely to rest."

leads and there doesn't seem to be current information or leads in the case that would allow us to move forward," he said. "Some of the cases that we consider cold are less than two years old, but we just don't have any current information on them to pursue."

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Adidas High Top Trainers Sale

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