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Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

"While I do not want to speak to this specific case, I can tell you that any sailor who would wear a medal he did not earn brings discredit upon himself and dishonors his fellow shipmates," Plexico said.

Navy Times reached out to Nations on June 14 through Victor Kelly, a Birmingham, Ala. based lawyer who represented Nations at a preliminary military hearing April 24 in Great Lakes, Ill. He said he would offer the chance to comment to Nations, but did not respond as of press time.

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

Because Nations' end of service document was updated in his permanent record at the same time the allegedly forged cross certificate was put there, a number of other awards listed on that document that don't have other substantiating entries were called into question. Officials wouldn't confirm whether the investigation is looking into any awards not listed in the charges.

According to those sources, Nations would tell anyone who asked that his cross was classified, awarded to him by the Air Force for action taken during a classified mission while he was on temporary duty with the Air Force in the Persian Gulf. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity as they are now potential witnesses in the court martial and didn't want to jeopardize their testimony.

a military funeral honors coordinator when some of the alleged offenses took place.

Operations Service Ribbon. Nations was notified of the charges June 8, Cmdr. Alvin Plexico, spokesman for Navy Recruiting Command, said. His trial is tentatively set for Aug. 13, and sources told Navy Times he could face up to 12 years confinement if convicted on all charges.

Nations is now on active duty as a Navy Reserve recruiter assigned to Navy Recruiting District Nashville, Tenn., though he's performing duties that don't put him in contact with potential recruits while he awaits trial, Plexico said.

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

He was on active duty for special work at the Navy Operational Support Center in Nashville as Adidas Hi Tops Purple

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law Thursday making it a crime to lie about having received the Medal of Honor and other prized military awards.

June 8 with violating Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for wearing the cross and a Coast Guard Special Adidas Duramo 6 Buy

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

´╗┐aspiring country singer charged with falsely wearing award

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

There is no mention in Nations' service record that indicates he deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1991, or ever, during his nearly four years in Norfolk, according to Navy Personnel Command.

Alvarez had pleaded guilty to violating a 2006 law that was adopted with the nation at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and aimed at people making phony claims of heroism in battle. The court, in a judgment written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, ordered that his conviction be thrown out.

For a year after the update, Nations freely wore the cross ribbon and occasionally the medal, awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement during aerial flight, until some peers at the support center in Nashville contacted Navy Times to find out whether the award was real. They knew the certificate was in his record, but no one had actually seen it. Nations, they said, held it close.

Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class Grady Wayne Nations, 43, was charged Adidas Duramo Elite M

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

The court voted 6 3 Thursday in favor of Xavier Alvarez, a former local elected official in California who Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red falsely claimed he was a decorated war veteran.

WASHINGTON A Navy Reserve recruiter and wannabe country music star who has been charged with wearing the Distinguished Flying Cross and another award he didn't earn and lying about them to investigators could face a court martial.

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

At the time of the alleged award, Nations was a third class petty officer at Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 in Norfolk, Va. The certificate cites action that took place Nov. 11, 1991, and says the award was approved Dec. 30, 1991.

Adidas Harden 1 White Silver Red

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