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you need and how you can help both. It is about receiving the information given and doing something effective with it. Senior leaders must get out and speak with others to ensure that we know what is going on from those who provide and receive the service and who are challenged daily. We all have to be leaders.

Service means good work at every level, with an eye to the purpose and that is to provide the best possible service. It means taking detailed notes and statements and securing evidence. This is supported through strong supervision, starting at the first level when a Cadet graduates. From there we need to provide solid and effective reporting. And it means working close with our communities and other partners.

To my wife Donna, my biggest supporter. She hasn followed me through ten moves in six Divisions, she has lead me. She always ensures that everything is in place so all I have to do is concentrate on a new job. She supports me always and cleverly lets me know when I need to adjust.

To our Aboriginal people, I commit that I will work closely with you to address your needs and focus on your priorities in policing and service. This is critical to our collective success in the policing of British Columbia.

This brings me to police oversight. In today environment, it is crucial that there be independent police oversight. I have had the opportunity to see this develop in Manitoba and be utilized effectively in Alberta. In British Columbia, the Provincial government is working toward an independent body. I embrace this. Independence offers that much needed component to public confidence. I believe strongly that this is for our benefit. It allows us to maximize our efforts. Recall that police competence provides for public confidence.

From this basic approach comes the many challenges and complexities, but the goal remains the same : provide police competence for public confidence.

I believe that the cornerstones of policing today are service, leadership, communication, and integration. These work hand in glove.

To the Government of British Columbia, I commit to continue Nmd Human Race Red Price

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

To the many diverse communities across British Columbia. Often you are new immigrants who require support in your new country. I commit that we will work together with you to address policing needs and to serve you accordingly.

Mistakes will be made there are over 9000 RCMP personnel in BC and on any given day we respond to thousands of calls for service. It is not the fact that a mistake has been made, rather what we do when that occurs to ensure that we are doing the right thing. We need to be diligent to ensure that we communicate effectively, take appropriate action when mistakes are made and provide the best opportunities to ensure that a similar mistake is not made later.

In closing, I want to say that 2011 is an exciting time in policing. There is much opportunity for us to work together, at all levels, to enhance public safety. I commit our efforts to excellence in policing in British Columbia.

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

to work in our collective best interests, to serve the people of British Columbia and to work toward the collective goal of public safety.

Integration and networking are crucial to our future We need to work closely with our partners in policing to ensure that service, leadership and communication all work toward a common goal of providing British Columbians with the best possible service we can. We can no longer work in silos within our own organization nor can we work alone as an organization. This starts with self accountability. We need to remember why we do what we do. Not just so we can get to the next call, though that is often a significant pressure, but to make sure the complainant, victim or accused receive our undivided attention and service.

what the level above you and the level below Adidas Energy Boost Atr Review

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

"I want to thank Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass" for opening the door for me before and since my arrival. I have always held Gary in high regard, but in the past few months I have come to realize much more clearly why Gary has so much respect across the RCMP. His knowledge is second to none, his leadership clearly evident and his demeanour something to be emulated. Gary, you are leaving huge shoes to be filled. I will do my best to meet the expectations that your performance has provided.

I want to thank my family. My mother, who is here to day for always wanting the best for me and supporting every venture I have taken on. My father, who died last year. First he told me to pick a career I liked and then he always reminded me to do the best I could, every day.

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

Then there is internal accountability. I forget where I heard it said, but I have always felt it was good advice and that is that everyone should honour those above them, respect their peers and serve those below them. This is important as it keeps us focused on ensuring that we are accountable at all levels, not just those formal accountabilities that we must meet.

I will further the efforts of those before me who have done so much toward our goals of effective policing.

´╗┐Assistant Commissioner Peter Hourihan Appointment Speech

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

My view of policing starts with a fairly simple philosophy. Our job is to help the community be safe and to feel safe. Public confidence in our ability to do a competent job is crucial. When we perform competently, the public is confident that we are securing for them a sense of public security. This holds true for the person who receives a call for service and includes me as the Commanding Officer to accurately report to British Columbians on our performance, positive or negative.

First I would like to thank Commissioner Elliott for having the confidence in me to take on the role of Commanding Officer for E Division. I am honoured at the opportunity. I can assure you that I will perform the role diligently and do my best to meet your expectations.

And to our children Chris and Michelle, who are both here today, for their support and strength in all my job changes and their ability to stay grounded and keep me grounded.

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

Communication is more than getting the information and passing it on. We have to listen to all of those we come in contact with and keep them informed throughout. We have to make sure that we produce good, detailed and timely court packages to the Crown and Defence. We have to provide the wider audience with an accurate account of our activities.

Leadership means helping those around you. It means understanding Adidas Hi Tops Sale

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

The family is so important in policing. Our job is a tough one. An often messy one. Adidas Harden 1 Cargo One where we deal too often with human tragedy and despair, extreme violence and discord. When we get off work, it is the family that we need for balance. It is a balance we need to try to achieve, as individuals and as a caring organization.

Adidas Harden 1 Cargo

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