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And then something magical happened Adam pulled himself up.

by the parenting website BabyCentre, has revealed that three quarters of those born in the 1980s or later spend more than eight hours on their smart phones, tablets or laptops each day.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

I started to research milestones on the internet about what my nine month old "should" be doing and to my horror I realised that not only could he not pull himself up, but he also was not saying as many baby words as predicted nor drinking out of a beaker.

But avoiding the millennial mums' game is made easier by my friends a lot of whom don't have children, so don't care about first words or first steps or 25 a go swimming lessons.

Those times in the early hours of the morning when you were shattered after no sleep it was good to share coping strategies with a fellow mum also up at the same time.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

´╗┐As survey reveals social media is making the pressure on parents worse

These days I use it much less pretty much only to arrange meet ups with other mums now that most of us are juggling part time work and motherhood, and then we have a good chin wag about our joys and woes rather than what brand of shoes we've bought the little 'un.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

I managed quite well for the first few months as he progressed well and "normally" judging by the textbooks anyway.

"That way lies madness," she said. "Don't get into that game."

And as much as it pains me to admit it, she's right.

My Facebook feed is more likely to make me go out and register Adidas Duramo 6 Ladies Running Shoes

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

Nicknamed millennial mums, their purchasing behaviour is also linked to their time on social media with 83pc liking or following brands on Facebook and 59pc buying products following recommendations on parenting sites.

So it came as no surprise when I found myself comparing my now one year old son Adam to his little friends.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

for Glastonbury tickets or head off, baby strapped on my back, to India than spend a small fortune on toys.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

I found social media amazingly helpful in the first year of my 17 month old son's Pharrell Williams Human Race Nmd Black

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

I shared my fears with my husband, my parents, other friends anyone who would listen, really.

But I'm not a fan when it starts to get competitive and focused on brands of clothes, toys or equipment. There is a lot of pressure to get the latest gadget or piece of kit that will supposedly make your life as a mum easier.

My weakest moment came when I bought a slightly frivolous specialist baby food steamer and blender, but in my defence I am a rubbish cook and, figuring I needed all the help I could get, I bought it with some vouchers I had.

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

But then, at around nine months, my Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink friend's little girl who is only three weeks older than Adam could pull herself up and stand. I was so pleased for her, but then the worry set in.

Life with a baby is quite hard enough without driving yourself crazy about whether your child, who doesn't know any different, is decked out in designer gear or not.

A survey of nearly 2,000 mothers, carried out Nmd Human Race Black White

Adidas Gazelle High Tops Pink

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