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Using Webmaster Tools

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

There are a couple of tests that you can use for this, Adidas Energy Boost 2 On Feet

How to check that it's been done

essential part of your business, then you can imagine the potential impact of losing traffic, whether be 50 visits or 5,000 visitors.

´╗┐Are you losing website traffic without even knowing

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

Then, launch your website and keep checking Webmaster tools every couple of days.

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

If your website is an Harden One Cargo

This will give you instant results and transparency, if used correctly of course. The free version lets you crawl up to 500 URLs Adidas Energy Boost 2 Womens Running Trainers

If you've had a re build, it's extremely important to check that that all your current pages and content have being brought across as well as checking to see if the pages' web addresses have changed somewhat.

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

but the paid version is only around Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap 100 per year and gives your unlimited access.

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

If you've recently amended some URLs

If Google has encountered any issues while trying to reach pages, then this is the place they will tell you.

If you have (or someone else has) recently gone through your site and amended page URLs to improve your onsite SEO, then it's important you check that your platform automatically redirects anyone trying to access the old URL.

If you've recently had a rebuild

With both checks, if you see any pages that are definitely on your new site, chances are the URL format has changed and you'll just need to pop a 301 Redirect in.

If not, then you will possibly log into Google Analytics one day and see something similar to this;

Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Launch your website then head back over to the Spider, import the site map within "Mode > List" and start a new crawl

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

At some point in your website life, you may need to put your website through a re build, taking your content from one platform to another. Or, you may have decided to update some web addresses within your site as an attempt to better optimise your content for a range of keywords you're targeting.

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

in fact I actually use both ways because it's very important it is done correctly:

Log into your Webmaster tools account just before you go live and head over to the "Crawl" then "Crawl Errors" section.

If you're happy to, remove any crawl errors that are there currently by marking them all as fixed.

Each search engine has their own Webmaster Tools, you probably more familiar with the Google one. Taking Google as an example;

In the column labelled "Response Code", look for the 404 responses. These page addresses are the ones that do not exist on your current site and have no redirect in place.

Adidas Energy Boost Shoes Cheap

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