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When I am on my deathbed, do not talk to me about an afterlife: Talk to Adidas Shoes For Girls High Tops

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Talk to me about how my children are White Adidas High Tops

The evolution of pain has a byproduct that most of us consider a con: Pain can be prolonged, such as when the zebra is still alive as the lion begins consuming it or our fellow human beings suffer prolonged and agonizing deaths from horrible diseases.

That can be discomforting for many (even some of my fellow atheists).

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Adidas Energy Boost Price

We understand that life is a one way trip. Once you check out, you cannot put another quarter in the machine and get a new player: This is a one quarter, one life game: When you die . you die.

Personally I take comfort in the fact that this is a one way trip. It motivates me to make this life count, raise my children right, to get involved in activism, to improve life for myself and others (especially my children) and to get as much pleasure as possible from this life that I can without harming others.

to appreciate when she is not suffering.

As an atheist, I see no need to Adidas Energy Boost Price "explain" suffering: Pain and suffering are a byproduct of a natural world. There is no divine purpose behind suffering. If there were, it would certainly make me question the intention of the divine.

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´╗┐Atheist explains pain

The fact that images of thousands of dead people after a tsunami brings tears to our eyes shows that we, as a species, are often more moral than the gods depicted in our sacred books. The fact that we feel sympathy for the child in the cancer ward suffering from chemotherapy means as a species we cherish life here and now, with afterlife being farther from our minds than most people would probably admit.

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Pain makes sense through evolutionary biology. How does a species know it is doing harm to its body if there is no warning? If your knee did not hurt when you hyper extend it, you would blow it out and incapacitate yourself. Pain is evolution's way of letting us know we're pushing it too hard, causing damage, or putting ourselves in harm's way.

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doing, how you remember the fun times we had or just talk to me about what you are doing to make your life better. When the virus, bacteria, or microbe is eating away my body, concentrate not on my pain, but on my life: That is what will ease my suffering as nature takes its course.

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Maybe it's just me, but I do not need my child to suffer through cancer Adidas High Tops Junior

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me about LIFE!

Medical science will continue to try to eliminate pain and disease caused suffering as best as it can, and as a species we should continue to support such an endeavor.

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