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Wong, who lived in Fletcher when he shot Blanton, had visited with her some in her home. She's also been to see him in jail.

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Wong is charged with first degree murder in the 2008 shooting death of Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr. during an Interstate 40 traffic stop near Canton. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

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Assistant District Attorney Reid Brown took aim at the details of her memory of Wong's fall from the apartment building.

They separated around 1980. Swan, who has since remarried and changed her name, took Wong's younger brother and sister. She said her son, who was 10 at the time, wanted to stay with his father.

Bonfoey asked if she would attend the trial.

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"He just hung his head and said don't believe everything that you read," she recalled.

She testified about seeing Wong in the hospital after he fell from the apartment building.

Swan said she wouldn't though the only specific reason she would give was the cost.

"It's personal," she said. "With all do respect I'd care not to share that with you sir."

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Swan said her son already was showing signs of bad behavior, signs his defense attorneys say are evidence of a traumatic brain injury he sustained after falling five stories from a New York apartment building.

"It was a very traumatic thing," she said. "Mom said to me she didn't think he was going to make. And he was little fellow."

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"I have regrets of how I conducted myself as his mother," she said. "I wasn't strong enough at the time to Adidas Energy Boost 2 M Price see that he probably needed psychiatric evaluation. I wasn't strong enough to have my husband at the time get him the help that he needed."

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Adidas Energy Boost 2 M Price

Cindy Swan told a prosecutor during the deposition, which was filmed last year in Atlanta, that she would not attend his trial because of personal reasons though she would not elaborate.

Swan married Wong's father in 1969, when she was 15. She was pregnant, and her sister testified that her mother didn't give her a choice, calling it a "shotgun wedding."

The jury heard from her to substantiate testimony from a psychologist who believes a traumatic brain injury Wong suffered when he was 4 has caused him to act irrationally throughout his life.

NEWTON Edwardo Wong Jr.'s mother regrets leaving him with his drug dealing father when he was a child, according to her videotaped testimony played for jurors in her son's murder trial Monday.

The elder Wong was killed in prison, where he was serving 30 years on a federal drug trafficking conviction.

She told him during the visit that she had read about the crime on the Internet.

Velasquez now lives in Alexander.

Wong's attorneys have said the injury makes him act impulsively and was part of the reason he shot Blanton.

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Wong's mother feared he would die.

time she saw the family, they had moved to Florida. She moved there after the service to be close to her mother.

´╗┐area trooper Shawn Blanton regrets leaving him with criminal father

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Swan lives in Bermuda and could not be forced to testify under subpoena. She said she didn't know that her husband, Edwardo Wong Sr., was a member of the Chinese Triad mafia. But she suspected something was wrong when large amounts of cash started showing up at their home in Florida.

"In my honest opinion, as his mother, if I had it to do over again I would have tried to insist on different arrangements," she said. "My parental skills were not what Eddie Jr. needed."

testimony, the defense called to the witness stand her sister, Sadhvi Velasquez, who is Wong's only aunt.

Swan said she wishes she had gotten him help.

She remembers her mother and Adidas Energy Boost Esm Women's

On cross examination during the deposition, District Attorney Michael Bonfoey asked Swan if she had visited her son in the Haywood County jail since his arrest. She said she had, but they didn't talk about the shooting.

Velasquez was in the Navy at the time and home in New York on leave, she said.

She said he was in a body cast.

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Adidas Energy Boost 2 M Price

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