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competitive with those overseas

Parker also emphasizes that Nevada has some aspects that work against it.

But Alexis Power Systems has figured out how to automate more of the work. This gives it stricter control over the process. It also means that manufacturing the battery's next incarnation will require fewer workers but more highly skilled (and paid) ones.

It had the market for a key ingredient nickel metal hydride and it was just easier Adidas High Tops New Collection

But "it's always been my desire to build them ourselves," Dawson said.

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"We're working with the state of Nevada now for options on tax breaks and options they offer," he said.

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Steve Hill, director of the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development, said the state hasn't done much in the past to encourage insourcing.

Elliott Parker, chairman of UNR's economics department, said China is not as cheap as it used to be, in part, because the value of its currency is increasing against the dollar and because it has fewer excess workers than it used to so wages are rising.

The first generation of batteries made by Alexis Power Systems were made in China, but the second generation will be made in Reno. Federal law mandates that telephone companies give you a telephone signal on your land line even if the power goes out so you can still call 911.

Rex Dawson's firm Alexis Power Systems makes them.

´╗┐Are costs in Northern Nevada Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes Ebay

to start there.

Overseas costs, risks

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"A number of firms have looked at this it's not just those in Nevada and found that China is not as attractive as it used to be so Adidas Energy Boost 2 we've seen growth in manufacturing," he said.

"Given that we're a little further away from the coasts, transportation costs are a little higher out of Nevada than from places with easier access to ports," Parker said.

"There are also risk factors when operating internationally," she said. "There are cultural differences things are done very differently in Asia so we're clueless sometimes. And risk includes corruption in some countries and government and social unrest."

"Right now, we're just employing five of us but our assembly lines will take anywhere from 30 to 60 people per line and we expect in the next two to three years to have three lines," Dawson said.

A benefit of manufacturing in China is that it's inexpensive to have a lot of people there working on a mass assembly line.

The state offers tax incentives and even sometimes help with the costs of expanding for firms willing to meet certain thresholds for wages and the number of jobs they'll create here.

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Dawson initially didn't have much choice but to have his batteries made in China.

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"Often companies looking to insource are reaching out to us rather than us contacting them. I wouldn't say it's something that happens on a real regular basis but it's certainly starting to happen."

Among the problems with doing the manufacturing in China include maintaining control over his Adidas Human Race Nmd Pharrell

"It hasn't looked like a great opportunity until recently," he said. "But as costs change in Nevada and overseas, it has some potential.

He said he also plans to pursue their use for those with thermal or wind power generation because right now excess power has to be used immediately or dumped for a nickel on the dollar back into the grid; the batteries would allow for storage and sale of energy at peak hours.

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Yvonne Stedham a professor who teaches international management at the University of Nevada, Reno's College of Business said companies analyze the benefits of operating in another country (lower wages) and compare that with the costs (legal, transportation, training managers, sending managers) to see if it's worth it.

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patents and quality control. Every battery from China has to be physically inspected here to make sure they meet the company's standards. That means the work is done twice. It would only be done once if built here.

Those production lines are expected to be in place in 12 to 24 months.

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His batteries monitor themselves and are considered safe, temperature friendly and long life the company gives a 12 year warranty. Dawson expects them to be used in Reno cell towers soon.

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