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Sunday night, he'll be watching the to see whether "Argo" wins for best movie. diplomats from Iran in 1980.

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was among the Americans who Saddam Hussein snatched as hostages not in Iran, but in Iraq, one country to the west at the start of the crisis leading to the Gulf War of 1991.

On Aug. 2 that summer, Iraq invaded Kuwait, a tiny Middle East neighbor rich with oil wells. forces to prepare for war to liberate Kuwait.

Saba wasn't in that group. But 10 years later, Adidas Duramo Junior

Adidas Duramo Slide Slippers White

"You're beyond nervous," he said. Being detained makes "you feel like you're being charged by a raging bull and wondering if the bull is going to get you. You constantly had that kind of feeling."

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it was his turn. In August 1990, he James Harden Adidas Shoes Review

Then his wife called from Illinois to ask whether he was all right.

"It's inevitable civilians are going to get caught up in it," said history professor Kurt Kemper at Dakota State University in Madison. Since the 1600s, international conflict has become steadily harder on the full population, as rulers began amassing professional armies instead of local militias to make total war on nations. By the late 1900s, hostage taking had become a standard tool for underdogs to level the playing field.

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Adidas Duramo Slide Slippers White

Saba was among about 500 Americans in Iraq at the time, he estimated. Perhaps half of them were Iraqi Americans who blended in with the chaos. Saba, who grew up in North Dakota, was among the 250 who didn't blend in. They were rounded up, kept under guard in a hotel and left to contemplate the role they might play on the world stage.

The TV screen was carrying the story Adidas Shoes High Tops For Men 2018

Saba went back to his hotel, checked in and switched on the television.

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Occupation: Executive director of development, Sanford Children's World Clinics, Sioux Falls. Minot State College, 1965. in international relations, University of Illinois. awards show.

"That's what works against American citizens abroad. You are so high profile you can be manipulated as a symbol," Kemper said.

Business, medicine with Peace CorpsSaba, ironically, has devoted much of his life to counteract that. He was in college in 1960 when he shook hands with John F. Kennedy, who was running for president and soon would create the Peace Corps. Saba joined the Peace Corps and has spent a career since building international bridges in business and medicine. He's been at Sanford since 2007 on a team that scouts locations for clinics in nations with insufficient health care.

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"The baby was due in two weeks. The last thing I said to her was, 'I will be back before the baby is born,' " he said.

of the Iraqi army crushing Kuwait.

"Argo" captured this tension perfectly, Saba said. In the movie, Ben Affleck plays Tony Mendez, a CIA worker who poses as a Canadian film director to help the six Americans escape Iran. Mendez is daring and resourceful, but most of all coolheaded, as he unifies the group and stares down a crisis at the Baghdad airport. Adidas Duramo Slide Slippers White Just watching the movie made Saba nervous.

Michael Saba, 72, works in Sioux Falls today as an executive for Sanford Children's World Clinics.

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Such is modern war in an age of mobility for citizens moving around the globe to do business.

"We were called Saddam's guests," Saba said this week as he retold his story.

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'Argo' connects for former Iraq hostage

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But the mystery man of his past is a taxi driver who gave him his freedom.

In 1990, his travels placed him in Baghdad on Aug. 2. He checked out of his hotel that morning to go home to his wife, who was more than eight months pregnant. The cabbie told him the airport was closed, though he didn't know why.

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