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Raters must assess all soldiers on their efforts to foster a climate intolerant of sexual assault and harassment in all Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports and Officer Evaluation Reports for rating periods that begin after Sept. 27, according to a memo issued in late September. Soldier counselings, typically done monthly or quarterly, must include the soldier's "goals and objectives" for combating sexual assault and harassment in their unit, states the directive from Army Secretary John McHugh.

The recorded incidents must come from a "substantiated finding" by a military investigation or inquiry, the directive states. Soldiers with these "substantiated" incidents will receive a mark of "No" in the "Respect" portion of their OER or "Respect/EO/EEO" portion of their NCOER.

OERs and NCOERs will include comments from the raters about the efforts of the officer or NCO being Blue Harden 1

Raters must document in the evaluations any incident of a rated soldier committing a sexual assault or sexually harassing another person, failing to report a sexual harassment or an assault, failing to respond to a report of sexual harassment or assault and retaliating against a person who reported sexual harassment or a sexual assault.

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Raters will use the "Leadership" section (Part IV, block "d" in DA Form 2166 8) of the NCOER, or the "Performance and Potential Evaluation" section (Part V, block "b" in DA Form 67 9) of an OER, to note the soldier's efforts in creating an environment that reinforces SHARP values, according to the directive.


´╗┐assault incidents will be documented on every NCOER

The memo Adidas High Tops For Men

More instructions on how NCOERs and OERs will be filled out will be published soon, said Paul Prince, a spokesman with the Army's personnel office.

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Adidas Duramo Buy Online

states that raters should identify "significant actions or contributions" the soldier made to adhere to SHARP values, as well as any failures to do so.

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Adidas Duramo Buy Online

Soldier's counselings will also include a SHARP component. Typically in a counseling form, soldiers come up with plans or goals for professional improvement. NCO and Officer counseling forms, completed after Sept. 27, will include soldiers' plans for ending sexual assault and harassment and promoting "dignity and respect" in their unit.

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rated to "foster a climate of dignity and respect" and to follow the Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention Program.

"Leaders must be committed to and will be held accountable for fostering a climate of dignity and respect. As a formal part of their evaluation, it will create an even greater incentive to do it well," said Maj. Chris Kasker, a spokesman for McHugh, in a statement.

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The Army will use soldiers' professional evaluations to hold them accountable for preventing sexual assault in the Adidas Duramo 55 Trainers Ladies

SHARP incidents in a soldier's unit will also be recorded. The directive states that if there were any "substantiated" incidents of sexual assault or harassment in Adidas Duramo Buy Online the officer's or NCO's unit, the incidents will be documented in their NCOER or OER and the evaluation must explain how the soldier handled the incident.

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For soldiers who receive a "No" in the "Respect" portion of their evaluation, their raters must explain why in Part V, block "b" of the OER or Part IV, block "a" of the NCOER.

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