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"The students here are outraged about a lot of the things that are taking place," says Coleman. "More so, we wish so that the administration would come out with an apologgy to the student body, who has been dragged through this entire tenacious process."

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as students we want real answers."

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"We think it's important that we be unbiased so that the students themselves can form their own opinions," says Wright.

rating will affect them. Two spokesmen with ASU answered all questions as best they could. But that's not good enough, say some students.

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"The audit came out and a lot of students may have tried to look at it but may not have been able to decipher it," says SGA Attorney General John Wright. "So, we thought it important for us to lay out all the facts as presented to us for the students."

University's Student Government Association met last night to discuss the audit report, released last Monday, that accuses the school's trustees of mis managing the university's money.

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After watching a presentation on the audit's findings, students were able to ask questions. Some were concerned with the university losing accreditation, others asked how the university's lowered credit Adidas Duramo 8 Black White

"Again, the students were at a disadvantage," says student Jelani Coleman. "We didn't get any answers. As a matter of fact, the answers we got were untrue, more of the university answers and Adidas High Top Sneakers Online

The Student Government Association says, as an organization, they will not push one side over the other.

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Adidas Duramo 6 Online

"To hear about people stealing millions of dollars, and even if its not true, it still Adidas Duramo 6 Online hurts the hornet pride," says sophomore Lanisha Snow.

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´╗┐ASU Student Government Holds Town Hall On School's Audit

And students certainly are.

Students at Alabama State University still have questions about an audit that found university trustees misused money and violated other rules.

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"If we are going to be transparent, lets bring the people who the state has the greivances against," says student Mark Myles. "Lets talk to them because the people, they dont know whether they did it or not. So lets talk to the people involved."

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