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in this country because right now that confidence is at rock bottom.

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Michael Dore states in his interview on the front it January when businesses will really feel the pain and the public will see the effects of a disastrous December.

It bad news for business once again this week with weather forecasters predicting another cold snap for the weekend and into next week.

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Fingers crossed that next week will be a good one and the weather will not hit as badly as it has done in recent weeks.

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Adidas Duramo 6 Neon Green

There is no right way out of this mess but a change of power is definitely sought by the public so let hope it will help people confidence Pharrell Human Race Nmd Price

´╗┐as snow comes down

If voting stays within the counties, ie that Carlow people voted for only Carlow candidates as opposed to party voting, Kilkenny may not gain an extra TD next time around. However, if Carlow people vote by party, then it anyone contest. Jennifer Murnane O Conner has thrown her hat into the ring for Fianna Fail in Carlow and maybe she will be lucky as a first time runner but with Fianna Fail polling so badly would almost be a miracle.

I think the people that might benefit from MJ announcement are the Phelans! Labour Ann Phelan and maybe Fine Gael John Paul Phelan are two popular candidates. Labour is polling excellently nationally and John Paul just missed out last time around losing out to Mary White of the Greens. It unlikely she will poll well in the next election with the Greens losing popularity as quickly as Fianna Fail these days. Sinn Fein will be looking to maximise their seat number and to date have done well nationally with a new TD Pearse Doherty in Donegal South boosting confidence in the party and bringing up the numbers.

MJ Nolan has just announced that he is not running for the constituency again after a lengthy political career as Carlow Fianna Fail TD however, although he was a Carlow TD it opens up a new seat in the constituency of Carlow KIlkenny giving Labour and Fine Gael a real chance.

Fianna Fail is slowly but surely shrinking in size as it haemorrhages TDs at a speed of knots.

I think it safe to say that at this stage we are not romanticising the snow anymore we are simply sick of its restrictions. If the dangerous road conditions return, it will be a huge blow to businesses in Kilkenny who have found 2010 a difficult enough year without the short December period of almost guaranteed business, decimated by the weather.

Interesting times ahead for the country politically. I not sure a new government is going to change anything. The Seanad may be abolished saving us a few bob, and university fees will still be dramatically increased if Fine Gael take over the reins and nobody is going to be happy about these decisions either.

It heartbreaking listening to small business owners who are trying to make ends meet and as Adidas Duramo 6 Running

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Kathleen Funchion will most likely be taking her chances as will John Cassin from Carlow .

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Besides the weather and bad business, politics has been the other major topic of discussion with an election looming.

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Fianna Fail will see Bobby Aylward and John McGuinness battle is out once again and most likely succeed, while Phil Hogan will almost certainly be the popular choice for Fine Gael with John Paul Phelan a hopeful for a second FG seat.

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There are also Adidas Duramo 6 Neon Green a couple of interesting independents with Conor McLiam running for the socialist party and Noel G Walsh as an Indpendent.

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