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Overall, the medical center spent $11.8 million in compensation to 44 executives in 2010, during which three administrators resigned and three others had their titles downgraded to the director level. The executive payroll rose 11 percent between 2008 and 2010. This year, however, the number of executives has fallen to 34, according to hospital officials.

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In all, 177 top employees from 14 local hospitals earned above Cuomo's threshold, an amount that compensation experts say is far too low for a profession demanding high quality administrators.

"Union members every year are Adidas Harden Shoes Review

Despite the budget cuts, former employees said they can't understand how the hospital can take such drastic measures, including layoffs, while any top administrators receive increases in pay and benefits.

Westchester Medical Center gave raises to some high ranking employees and increased its administrative payroll even as the hospital cut the number of top executives and resorted to layoffs amid an ongoing budget crisis.

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getting increases in their benefits and salaries; the union is unwilling to share," Tulis said.

Hospital CEO Michael Israel, who received a 6 percent increase in compensation in 2010 and a 1 percent raise last year, likely will have his pay package frozen this year, Tulis said. Other administrators received pay increases two years ago because their titles changed and they assumed more responsibilities, he said.

Though the medical center is the region's largest health care facility, it isn't alone when it comes to six figure compensation packages. Israel, who receives an annual performance review, was among eight hospital executives in the Lower Hudson Valley to receive $1 million or more in total compensation for 2010.

The number of top executives dropped to 37 in 2010 from 44 in 2008, as a result of the resignations and title changes. Since 2008, the hospital has eliminated two senior vice presidents and several vice presidents whose duties now are overseen by other administrators.

Adidas Duramo 5 Running Shoes Review

Adidas Duramo 5 Running Shoes Review

"There is no shared sacrifice, there is no appearance of a shared sacrifice," said Jayne Cammisa, a union representative and a registered nurse in the hospital's transplant unit. "It's awful what they are doing to the bottom line workers. We've been asked to sacrifice more and more."

A balancing actMedical center officials say they continue to make changes to keep the hospital's operations profitable, such as managing expenses, adding programs, expanding services and making capital investments that totaled $120 million in the past two years. As a result, the hospital has had seven years of surplus revenue, said Adidas Duramo Green

Kara Bennorth, senior vice president for corporate communications.

Union members question why the hospital resorts to layoffs when it generates a surplus every year. On the other side, hospital officials say union employees haven't compromised enough at the negotiating table.

Hospital boards rely on compensation committees, outside consultants and market analysis and documentation to justify how much they pay administrators. The medical center uses an outside firm to analyze compensation packages, which are based on market values, Bennorth said.

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percent raises this year, but the union had been willing to give up the raises to prevent layoffs, he said.

"You are crying that you have to lay off people because of money, but then you are getting your raises," said Patrizia Perugini, a social worker who was among 150 people laid off in March from the Behavioral Health Center when a private health care management company took over. "That doesn't make sense to me."

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Sixteen top executives either did not receive increases or they received less in total compensation in 2010 than they did a year earlier.

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Administrators who received increases in their total compensation included CEO Israel, who earned the top salary of $1.3 million in total compensation; the chief financial officer; an executive vice president and several senior vice presidents.

A Journal News analysis of salary data, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, revealed that 20 hospital administrators received increases in their total compensation for 2010, including one employee whose pay package jumped 18 percent.

"The only way to keep the institution and be financially viable is you have to have top management," Tulis said. "Our job is to maintain quality of care and economic viability, and we are doing that, including paying senior management enough to get the job done."

Cuomo's order doesn't prevent nonprofits from paying high salaries, but they won't be able to use state money such as Medicaid to do it.

"We have given minimal bonuses and minimal increases," Tulis said. "The average union employee goes up 3 to 5 percent because of step increases. As a board, we have been tough with the non union members."

In New York, executive pay for nonprofit administrators, especially at health care facilities like the medical center, has sparked intense scrutiny from lawmakers, regulators, employees and the public. The backlash has led to a governor's order, hearings in the state Senate, demands for greater accountability and proposed legislation to crack down on excessive salaries and benefits.

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This year, medical center officials expect additional employee layoffs and pay freezes for administrators to cope with a budget deficit that's more than $20 million, said Mark Tulis, chairman of the hospital's board.

The Journal News analysis also revealed:

"If they simply can't use state money, then it's not going to mean much," said Kevin Hallock, an economics professor with Cornell University's Institute for Compensation Studies. "Hospitals have so much other revenue from private payers and insurance companies."

Competitive pay is one reason Westchester Medical Center has recruited physicians, including cardiothoracic surgeons from Mount Sinai Medical Center in New Adidas Duramo 5 Running Shoes Review York and trauma surgeons from Miami, Bennorth said.

´╗┐At Westchester Medical Center

Adidas Duramo 5 Running Shoes Review

A nurses union representative said nurse salaries range from $64,901 to the top step of $110,307 for a nurse with at least 25 years' experience. The average salary for a nurse at the hospital in 2010 was $87,604, and there has been no increase since then, union officials said.

"We have to deal with competition," Tulis said of Israel's compensation. "We can't pay him less than competitors."

The newspaper's analysis of data for 2010, the latest year available, shows that 26 administrators at the medical center would have exceeded Gov. Andrew Cuomo's limit of $199,000 a year for executive compensation. Cuomo signed an order, scheduled to take effect April 15, that restricts the amount of state money that nonprofit organizations can use toward salaries and benefits.

Adidas Duramo 5 Running Shoes Review

Peter Piazza, president of the Civil Service Employees Association at the medical center, disputes hospital claims that union workers haven't offered to give back. CSEA employees will receive 3 Harden Adidas 1

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