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TWENTY Steel City Pops at the Peacock Alley Block Party. Buttermilk for me, but next time I'm getting the blood orange.

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Tomorrow, we are indulging in our inner eighty year old and heading out to the ruins at Chichen Itza swimming in the gorgeous grotto waters of Ik Kil. because what's a relaxing trip to the beach without adding in a 12 hour day trip?

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

As you probably saw if you follow me on an Instagram or elsewhere, The Hundred came to Dallas this weekend. Sorry if you've seen enough about it, but I can't help myself from sharing about it here, because, well, Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes it was just SO great.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

In no time at all, we'll be back in our tiny flat feeling blissfully cramped. and we couldn't be happier about it.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

FOUR Walking into our room at the Warwick Melrose and finding a Love Ophelia robe waiting for me. (I'm wearing it as I type.)

CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA SPF 15 This makeup is the lightest and easiest makeup to apply. Forget gunky. Think lightweight. Plus, you get to feel fancy because Chanel cosmetics always have the best packaging.

LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURIZER I've been using this for years. The tinted moisturizers blends into skin perfectly and lays the perfect foundation for the rest of your makeup.

After 3.5 months in Dallas, we are flying back to England today. I'll be honest: we weren't 100% Adidas High Tops Shoes

LAURA MERCIER BROW DEFINER + BRUSH I'm learning that brows are kind of a big deal. I've tried to ignore them for the first 30 years of my life, but I'm taking the leap into "brow maintenance." Wish me luck. Tips are appreciated.

Over the past year, I have had to post less on my blog because the rest of life demands my attention. Giving up precious hours this summer with my family was a big sacrifice for me, but I really feel strongly about making the internet a place that people can connect in a way that transcends just being online. My thought is: If it's not actually making real relationships, what's the point? This event was a way for me to put my (non existent) money where my mouth is.

sure we would be going to be returning at certain points of the summer. We were in visa limbo, and . well, we weren't exactly sure what life would look like in the fall. (Visas are serious business, you can't just ignore them and fly over anyway. You'll get refused at the border, which would jeopardize getting a visa issued for 10 years!)

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I could probably list off 100 actual great things from the weekend, but who has time for that? So, I've whittled it down to 25. Here we go.

So here they are. The pieces that made the cut. The pieces that belong in the makeup bag of a woman in her thirties. (And the pieces that I'm going to be way too poor to replace when they run out.)

YVES SAINT LAURENT "VOLUME EFFET FAUX CLIS" MASCARA This is my favorite mascara. Not only will you eyelashes look great, but the mascara smells fabulous. I also love that it doesn't dry up until you're at the end of the tube. It's more expensive than Maybeline, but you get your money's worth.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

Then I realized something really important: I didn't need new clothes. But I did need new makeup. My current makeup bag has dwindled to broken eyeliner pencils and lipgloss tubes so empty that I fear breaking the wand when I swivel it around the edges. I open my compact with a steady hand in hopes that the busted powder within doesn't spill onto my clothes. My beauty routine has evolved into something verging on Adidas Energy Boost Gold Foil

blogging for me!)

FIVE Breadwinner's banana bread french toast on Saturday morning. Oh baby.

Have you been to Cancun before? Any great things to do or eat or see? We are first timers, so all recommendations are welcome!

I turned 30 on Monday. (Oof.) In light of the monumental birthday, I was given some money to spend at Nordstroms. I made a date of it yesterday afternoon and casually flicked through the racks. I struck out big time. I thought about splurging and buying some cute shirt at full retail price, rather than scouring the sales racks per usual.

TWENTY ONE Dressing up in cute clothes from Joules, Dilettante Collection and Bella Luxx for the fashion styling session in the Penthouse suite. and forcing Kendi Grace to take obnoxious pictures with me.

Even though the trip was a last minute surprise, it was really easy to toss a bag together because my beach style doesn't really change. I've got a timeless lineup for the beach that I've been using for years. (Because if you're like me, you'll only use them for a week or two max each year.)

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

LAURA MERCIER MINERAL POWDER SPF 15 After using Susan Posnick's ColorFLO mineral foundation, I don't think I can ever go back to non mineral powder. Not only is the coverage perfect, but I love the natural SPF provided by mineral makeup.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

´╗┐Aspiring Kennedy

THREE Meeting so many people that I've only "known" from social media handles and profile pictures. I love when online people become real life friends. (That's the whole point of Human Race Nmd Ebay Yellow

TWO JOULES. I guess I thought that everyone knew about this British brand, but I soon realized that they are still new to America. They won us over big time with their gorgeous clothes, adorable accents and, of course, the free wellies and tote bags gifted to all the attendees! (They gifted us with those lovely dresses, too!)

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes


And today we head back and pick life up in London. I can't wait. I've been feeling a bit like a caged animal the past few weeks. Not one that is a threat to people. Just one that wants to tear up some pub food and endless days of walking.

CHANEL LEVRES SCINTILLANTES, 164 PLAISIR Chanel's lipgloss is a great combination of smooth texture + great color. I always opt for their transparent shades. They just add a tint of color and a gloss that doesn't quickly leave.

Upon realizing this, I kissed the Marc Jacobs sweater in my hands goodbye and headed downstairs for the beauty department. When I got there, I didn't hold back. I restocked on the makeup that I really love. Instead of patching up my bag with drugstore purchases, I went for it. I used up all of my birthday money in a matter of minutes, but I'm already feeling great about putting my money towards this often neglected area of my life.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

I feel thankful that people took a chance and flew in from all over the country (and from England!) to attend. I feel relieved that everything came together and that the group clicked so well. I feel inspired by the people in the blogging community there are so many kind hearts and smart people out there. And, I also feel tired. That was a lot of work!

Anyway, we got them. Finally. We are at least legally welcome back to live in Britain.

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes

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