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report 2 NEWS Investigates obtained Tuesday, and confirmed with the Darke County Prosecutors Office, an Arcanum officer reported that he pulled over Skeen in the same school zone nearly a month before this incident for speed She got a verbal warning.

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´╗┐Arcanum driver accused of hitting student was warned before

to jail time for what she did," said Sarah.

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That the part of the situation that has Cailynn mother extremely frustrated.

It been a little over two months since Cailynn Stephens was hit in a crosswalk on her way to Arcanum Butler school, but her mother Sarah remembers it like yesterday.

will never know what it was like chasing after a helicopter with my daughter loaded in it, said Sarah Stephens.

don know how someone continuously is allowed to be let go, be let go, be let go," said Sarah, "When and where do we hold that individual accountable?"

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It not just the suspended driving that has Sarah upset. According to an Arcanum police Adidas Harden Volume 1 Release Date

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Skeens was charged with three misdemeanors for hitting Cailynn.

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Sarah said that is not enough for repeat traffic offenders who take Adidas Harden Cargo

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That first time, the officer gave Skeens a verbal warning for speed but Cailynn mother told me Tuesday that is one more sign Skeens should not be on the road.

A couple weeks after that accident, 2 NEWS Investigates told you Skeens had a record of traffic violations including other driving under suspension charges, the most recent just six Adidas Boost Eqt days before she accused of hitting Cailynn. She received a reduced sentence and a fine.

Cailynn temporal lobe was damaged and she still is recovering.

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no longer have the peace of mind and you worry about whether or not she is going to make it back, everywhere she goes I take her to, I don She doesn walk anywhere anymore. County Assistant Prosecutor Jesse Green says Skeens agreed to change her plea to guilty.

has a constant ringing in her right ear. driver accused of hitting Cailynn, Billie Skeens, shouldn have been behind the wheel that morning. She had a suspended driver's license and was outside the bounds of her work driving privileges.

just want it to be over. She should be rightly sentenced Nmd Human Race Black For Sale

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risks around kids.

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